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Pulstar plug

Has anyone ever used this replacement type spark plug? If so, does it really work.

Thanks, Bob

Scam product.

Total scam…but good luck.

I have a brother who tries all of these “mileage improvement” miracle devices on his 3/4 GMC truck.

He’s tried fancy spark plugs, high-energy ignitions, intake mods, exhaust mods, etc. None of them have improved his fuel mileage. All they’ve done is lighten his wallet.

In another forum dedicated to Toyota trucks…this guy there as an experiment did the following…

Replaced oil/tranny fluid/differential fluid/transfer case oil with synthetic (red-line).

Switched to pulsar plugs.

Added one of those Tornados to his air intake.

I think his total gas mileage increase was .5mpg. He figured it would take him 30 years to recover the money he spent.

Not only can it not possibly help, but of the heat range and other factors (physical envelope of the electrodes and/or their penetration into the cylinder for example) are not the same as your OEM plugs, you may even damage your engine.

They may work just as well as regular plugs.