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Spark plugs

I’m wondering about the pulstar pulse,is there any real data on these spark plugs that is suppose to save you 6% in gas.What do you suggest on a real good spark plug?I have a 99 jeep wrangler.

happy 4 wheelin


They are a scam. They won’t save you any gas, and your jeep likely will not run as well with them as it would with new OEM plugs.

Think about it. If they could give even a 1% increase in MPG, every single car made would come with those stock.

Bogus. There is no spark plug that will save you gas. That goes for pills, potions, special filters, little fans on your engine or gasoline additives. It all falls in the “snake oil” classification. Buy the plug that came with your engine.

Pulstar plugs work very well, for the owners of the company that make them.

If you do a little web searching, you’ll see some names associated with heading up that company have a history of setting up shop, pitching the latest craze, then disappearing and opening up later under a different name (and often with a trail of consumer complaints).

You asked:

What do you suggest on a real good spark plug?
It will be difficult for you to improve on the factory plugs that came with your car.

Your Wrangler would have come from the factory with Champion plugs, which are fine. The truck was designed to operate best with those. If you can’t find or don’t want Champion, or want to try something else, go with Autolite. You may get better wear out of the Autolites, but they are pretty much the same. Those two are the only plugs I would put in a Wrangler. As someone else said, Pulstar plugs are a snake oil scam, sort of like the fuel line magnet that’s supposed to separate the energized fuel molecules from the lazy ones or whatever, except these plugs can potentially cause more harm, not only to your wallet, but also your car. I wouldn’t even consider them a candidate for installation.

It would be great to see real data. It’s all fake.

Not only do they not save you gas, there’s been anecdotal evidence posted on this site that they have caused operating problems.

The best plugs are those that the manufacturer installed. Exectly the same make and part number. Your parts store will have the listing.

Other than agreeing 100% that these are a scam, even the AutoZone here is selling these things.

You tell us.
Buy both, try one set for a whole tank or two, keep detailed records.
Try the other set for the same length of time under the same conditions.

( just puting in pulstars today won’t give accurate info because yours are worn out now and any fresh plugs would show improvement )