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Pulsestar spark plugs, real or another marketing scheme

ive seen an add about the new spark plugs that supposidly increase mpg’s, has anyone used them and got better mpg?

Spark plugs have very little to do with gas mileage. The only time a spark plug changes the gas mileage is when they are really, really worn out. You would have better mileage improvement by just keeping the tire inflation at the right levels, and, believe it or not, use the highest octane fuel you can find at the cheapest price. Lower octane gas has additives which just act as filler.
I have a high performance engine in a classic car that races the quarter-mile track in the low 7 second range (O-60 in about 6 seconds), and I use the cheapest spark plugs I can find…and use them for over a year.
Don’t allow yourself to be soon parted with your money. Only liberals like to give away money.

It’s a scam that has been around for years. If they were legitimate every new car sold would already have them.

You see that big white “Search” button on that bright red bar at the top of the page? Use it. There’s only a dozen or more threads about this scam. Actually, use the search before you post a question. Chances are, it’s been answered already. And it saves us time responding to the same damn question all the time.

By the way, these spark plugs are f***ing bulls***.

Figure it out, they’re spark plugs. They don’t do anything but spark. If they’re not giving away a set of steak knives and three other kitchen gadgets, don’t buy them.

Amazing…this question gets asked about once a week.

Wait until gas gets to $5/gallon, it will be 3 times a week.

Every bogus gas savings device known to man will get some kind of attention here when gas prices reach $5/gal. Plus there’ll be a plethora of brand new bogus gas savings products introduced…and I gurantee you someone will ask about it…and thousands of not millions will buy it.

You can accomplish the same thing by buying an
F-16 Pulse King on ebay from Magikgas 69.95 it attaches to the battery and works all your stock spark plugs. It works great my only complaint is you cant hear the engine.

I have approx. 10,000 miles driving experience with PulseStar spark plugs installed in 2005 3.8 litre Dodge van. Fuel mileage is vehicle computer generated. Under no wind conditions with level terain, mileage improvement is minimum +5%. My vehicle had almost 30,000 miles on it before I installed PulseStar plugs. Unfortunately the new technology offered was not packaged with Irridium electrodes (best) when I made my purchase. Part of the key to increasing fuel mileage is to allow gas/diesel recip engines to operate with higher air to fuel ratios when operating under low load conditions. The technology in this high energy plug, accomplishes a faster fuel burn when compared to standard spark plugs. To derive the full potential of this new spark plug requires testing in vehichles with special programed ECU to take full advantage of a broader range of possible air to fuel ratios. I expect some engines, due to ECU programed parameter limits, may not run well with PulseStar plugs and may produce “Engine Check” failure indication.
Dave - St Charles, IL

I have less then 8,000 miles on my pulsestar plugs. Paid $150.00 for six installed by the dealer to specification. The plugs recently started failing so I replaced each one as it did, after the forth one failed I had them all pulled and replaced them with Standard plugs. So far I haven’t noticed a gain in fuel consumption or a change in proformance. They may work well for some but at that price and with my experience I wouldn’t recommend them.