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PS Fluid leaks on left turn intermittenetly!

1987 Acura Integra w/176k
There is a PS Fluid leak - it doesn’t leak all the time - then it pours oil on the ground as if you are pouring from a bottle - not a lot but …

There was a lot of leak when jacked it up in engine compartment where the PS reservoir is located - could not see any when you look under the hood.

Last time it leaked quite a bit when I when over a ramp and did a 90 degree right turn to park - since then I could not see it on the floor but steering became harder today and figured reservoir was low.

10-15yrs ago PS hoses were all changed with dealer part. Wondering where might be the issue?

The rack and pinion might be leaking.

The seal at the end of the rack and pinion can leak fluid into the rubber boot. Then when the steering wheel is turned and the rubber boot compresses, the power steering fluid is forced out of the rubber boot.

That’s because a fluid can’t be compressed.



@Tester - You are absolutely correct
I did see a torn boots on the driver side.
So Rack and Pinion needs changing? What kind of money am I looking at? Wondering my repair strategy on this car!

I didn’t know that the PS fluid can leak through the rack-pinion!

Before I would replace the R&P on a 30 year-old vehicle, I would give this a try.

Just follow the instructions.


@Tester - appreciate it

I am unclear how torn boots on RP can cause PS to leak - then I am unclear how this additive can fix it either!

The seal at the end of the R&P assembly that the boot protects is what’s leaking.


Yes. The leaking seal is letting fluid into the area covered by the boot. The bellows is there to protect the ends of the rack and allow for L and R movement, but is not designed to seal the pressure inside the rack. If the leak sealing fluid doesn’t take care of the problem, then a repaired or rebuilt or new R&P is called for. Or a messy floor and the need to refill the reservoir often will continue.

Note: Honda and Acura PS fluid is different from the usual and should be used always.

So if I were to properly repair, is the R&P need to be changed - or ?
Found the R&P for $110

If that’s where the fluid is leaking from, then yes!


Yes. A non-leaking R&P needs to be installed unless you want to try to get yours fixed.

OK thanks - there is a repair option!

Well, yes, if there’s a good local alignment/suspension shop willing to take on the job.

You guys rock:)

This Lucas stuff - should I be putting it in the same place as PS Fluid?



@Tester - thank you
I regretted for not trying something like this for my radiator - a costly repair - also changed all the associated hoses and the sensor.

The car is between road and gravyyard - why not give it a try?

On the other hand, it is a compact, no fuss car and versatile with 5 doors. I am in fact torn on the fate of this car. Too many new parts … rad, rotors, CAT, starter motor, tires, recent suspension …

Read the instructions. Probably use a baster or pump, maybe with a slim hose attached, to remove enough fluid first. Is the stuff compatible with Honda/Acura?

It’s a long shot. A good working R&P is the better choice unless you intend to unload the car onto some innocent in the next few months. Actually, it’s the better choice even if you intend to unload the car.

So if the boot is repaired soon after it was torn, I might have saved the seal at the end of the R&P?

No! The leaking seal that can’t hold pressure is the problem. A leaking boot is not.

O’Reilly has a kit to repair the seal for about $50. $110 for reman R&P (he confessed remanf R&P can be problematic)