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Power steering fluid leak

Can power steering fluid leak, but not leave a puddle or some evidence? Took my car in for an oil change, and they told me I need my power steering replaced because of the leak - for $1,300! That was 2 months ago. I’m avoiding this. Advice?

Are you losing fluid? You need to check it once a week and see.
Did you have any symptoms of a problem?
If there is a leak, it usually one of the lines, not the pump or the rack. Did they say what part was leaking?
What kind of a shop was this?

You leave a lot to the imagination. But yes, the rack and pinion seals can leak into the boots and the fluid will collect there until enough accumulates to leak out the clamped ends of the boots. If that is the problem and you keep the fluid topped of it might allow you time to budget the repair.

I’ve had more than one ps leak from the rack and have never had any puddle or “evidence” on the ground. If you look at the boots you might see some evidence.

Are you losing fluid or what?

You can always have another shop look over the steering to get a second opinion.

Not losing any fluid. Shop was Tires Plus (chain). Part they want to replace is the GM Power Steering kit - a remanufactured complete rack. Parts = $695, labor = $535, tax = $45.

If you’re not losing fluid, how would they explain the need for a new rack? Sounds bogus.

Get out of the chains - even for oil changes. Find a local, independent with a decent reputation.

No. it is not possible for your rack to be leaking and you not see a drop in the reservoir level. Even if it were leaking into the boots you’d see a drop in the reservoir.

I have seen power steering racks changed as a revenue enhancer. I knew someone who did this. On older cars normal oil seepage can and often does get on the racks. It’s easy to show this to someone and convince them that the rack is leaking.

If your system seems to be working fine and you’re not losing fluid in the reservoir, the only think I’d recommend changing is your shop.