Acura Power Steering Leak

Got an '89 Integra that losing PS fluid. It has about 280k miles. What puzzles me is its pattern. It can go for a week or two and not drop any. Then overnight, it can drop 2 inches, down to the hose that enters from the side, making me think that might be its exit path. I’ve always used the Honda-type fluid, I’ve tightened the bellows at each end of the rack, haven’t noticed anything around the hoses, but they are hard to see. I have noticed some fluid on top of the tank, though. If it would settle down to adding a little fluid every week or two, I’d be happy. Also, I’ve leary of adding the stop-leak stuff since I know the seals are sensitive to standard fluid and don’t want to make the problem worse. Thanks for any ideas. Dave

do you have leaks at the bellow boots?(those boots are for nothing more than to keep the water and dirt away from the inner tie rod ends,and the rack and pinion seals,I sugeest you take it to a shop and find out where the fluid is going.if you are capable as a do it yourselfer(dont know if thats a word)but in any case ,clean everything off and look at the whole system.the leak coming and going could be from heat,seals,maybe. too much to list as far as reasons.

good luck