Dealer tried to program key fob but couldn’t due to no communication to ecm



I brought my newly bought 2011 gti to the dealership to get my newly made key fob programmed and they weren’t able to program it because they said they have no communication with the ecm. They claim every module is reading errors and are wanting to charge me $400 to remove modules and diagnose the issue. The previous owner of the car installed a cheap hid xenon system and they think that they messed something up. Is there a simple fix for this problem or should I let volkswagen do their thing? What else could be causing this communication issue?


I don’t know but I bought a couple replacement fobs for my Pontiac and the dealer had to program them. Same part number as GM but the dealer said they have had problems with fobs bought on the internet. At any rate they had no problem with mine and only charged about $100. So are you sure the fobs are quality? Can they not program even their own? I don’t know what else you can do except deal with the dealer on something like this but might want to talk to another reliable dealer.


There are auto electric shops. Many just repair components that are brought in, but you may find one that can handle the whole car. Might be worth looking into.


I had the key fob (switchblade key/fob) ordered from the Volkswagen dealership and came back to have them program it. This is when they said they weren’t able to communicate with the central eclectronic control module to program them.


Apparently they have to get their machine to communicate with your car’s engine computer. That’s done by connecting to a connector usually under the dashboard. Two common causes why that doesn’t work is the fuse in your car that powers that circuit is blown or there’s a bent pin in that connector. Rule those out before pursuing something more complex. Is the engine running ok, same as before the light bulb system got updated? If so, my guess, unlikely to be anything to do with that. Except that perhaps they blew the aforementioned fuse in the process.