2014 Jeep Cherokee

Wifes key fob does not work anymore. Changed battery and still does not work. Is the only place to buy one of these the dealer? Thank you.



Thanks a lot … appreciate that. 3-1/4 stars has me bit worried

You still need to have it programmed, either by a locksmith or the dealer. Some you can program yourself so just check the details.

My Pontiac required dealer programming. I bought two oem identical fobs and the dealer had no problem but said many they cannot program. I paid $80 for two on line and another $100 for programming.


Did you read this part of the description?
“ * Dealer or locksmith programming and cutting is required”

Since the fob has to be keyed and or programmed by the dealer or locksmith anyway, why not just ask them for the price of the fob also… I know the locksmith that I used many time over the years carry’s key/fobs (and programs them on site) at a decent price also…

They aren’t your granddads locksmiths anymore… lol