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I have a 2004 Cadillac Seville,and lost my keys…I bought new Fobs and I know how to program the features but I don’t know how to program the FOB to my car…Can anyone help… or do I have to go to the Dealer…and get ripped.

Thanks Chris

Did You Check The Owner’s Manual For Instructions ? Most Require Having One Working Fob In Order To Program The Others.


Yes I did check the manual, it tells you how to program the different features of the FOB but not the Fob itself…and I lost the other FOB…that’s where I stand, sounds like I’m pretty much screwed…lol.

Thanks Chris

You’ll probably have to go to a Cadillac dealer to have it programed

They gotcha either way…figures


Why use words like “ripped” and “screwed” in regard to a service that a business provides. If you’re unhappy with the pricing they offer, feel free to take your business elsewhere.

Master, I Agree. Besides That, The Car Origianlly Came With Two Fobs. Owner Carelessness Accounts For Going From Two To Zero. The Time To Purchase A Replacement Fob Is When There’s Only One Left, Not When There Are None.


Taking his business elsewhere is probably not a viable option. Although keyless entry is nice, I would perfectly happy if I could open my car door with a key that I could get duplicated for $2 at the hardware store but most cars now have the high-tech, expensive keys.

You know something I didn’t come in here to get bashed…if you don’t have something nice to say…DON’T say it…I was just asking for help. I thought that what this site was about, is people trying to help people save money.


Hine site is 100% isn’t it…

Thanks for your reply

Some key fobs can be programmed by the user, but you need the specific instrutions for your car. I’ve bought key fobs on ebay and they came with instructions for programming. Where did you get the replacement key fobs? Why didn’t they come with instructions or a link to a web site where you can get the programming instructions?

The instructions have specific steps you must follow. Like turn the key on and off 3 times, open the driver’s door, hit the door lock button, and push the door lock button on the key fob. Sometimes it takes a few trys to get it to work, but with good instructions you should be able to do it. Volvo and a few other cars need to be hooked into a scan machine and you need to have a code to enter which means a visit to the dealer or a good locksmith.

Not sure what the deal is with your caddy. I’ve successfully programmed Ford and Toyota key fobs myself.

I wasn’t bashing anyone…just don’t know where the “screwed” and “ripped off” stuff came from. If a shop doesn’t provide the service or price you’re looking for, you don’t need to “bash” them, just go elsewhere.

To the point, just go to your local competent locksmith. He can do everything you need to get your car running.

Thanks for everybody’s help I appreciate it…

Thanks AGAIN

Really? A locksmith can do that? Didn’t know.

You were kind of bashing. The OP feels that he is a captive market for the Cadillac dealership.

Yup. Any locksmith (or corner garage for that matter) willing to buy the equipment and software can code, program, enable keys and remotes.

Didn’t mean to bash anyone. I just don’t like the use of “screwed” and “ripped” for no apparent reason.

I’m 99% certain the 2004 Cadillac Seville keys can be programmed by you only if you have at least one good working key. Without that working key, as others have noted, you’ll need the help of a dealer or locksmith.

Most, but not all locksmiths, can program your key. Call around for both availability and prices. The ones with the programming tools will come to your house if needed.

I’ve found you can typically buy a key from a locksmith (cut & programmed) for about half of what a dealer charges.