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Program 4 button gm keyless entry

what is the procedure to program a 4 button remote keyless entry 2008 Pontiac gran prix

Enter your car, sit in the driver’s seat and close all of the doors, windows and the trunk on your car.
Insert your key in the ignition on your Grand Prix and turn the key one click to the left to the “Accessory” option within the ignition options. Wait for your car to signal the programming sequence with a short beep, and turn the key back to the right one click, and then back to the left quickly.
Open the door on your Grand Prix, and then shut it quickly after you hear another short beep.
Press both the unlock and lock buttons on your keyless entry for your Grand Prix and hold these buttons for 15 seconds.
Wait for the beep after releasing the buttons, remove the key from the ignition, and open the door on your Pontiac Grand Prix to test the programming sequence.

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thanks. ignition key does not turn to the left. to the right 1 notch is acc. then run position and then of course start. also this is for a new replacement 4 button fob