02 Monte Carlo SS Keyless Entry

The Keyless entry has quit working on my 02 Monte Carlo SS. It would unlock the doors the first time each day but not the rest of the day. This happened for a couple of weeks and now won’t work at all. I changed the batteries to no help. Any ideas?

with that type of keyless entry.when you put a new battery in it disaloges the metal clip in the remote.try to make sure that all the prongs are connected

I chesked but batteries are in both FOBs correctly.

When the remotes batteries have been replaced, they must be re-synchronized with the vehicle remote receiver.

Try holding the remote close to the vehicle and press both LOCK and UNLOCK at the same time. Hold the buttons down until the locks synchronize. (All locks will open and close together) Your owners manual says so)

If nothing happens, you will have to see either a shop that has the authorization to program remotes or a dealership.

Remotes are programmed to radio frequencies.

Note: This happened to my 2000 Olds Silhouette and I changed the battery in one remote but found I couldn’t reset it so I tried a spare.

It wouldn’t work either, so I took the van to my independent tech and he removed the security system box (top of dash close to inside of windshield), cleaned the contacts with electrical contact cleaner, replaced the deck, reprogrammed both remotes (which had new batteries now) and no more problems since.

That cost me 1/2 what the stealership asked. I phoned just for giggles as I KNEW they’d be ridiculous. JMHO is all.

Grounding pin “G” of the DLC puts you in program mode for GM’s 94-2001 or there abouts.Cavalier has a wire in the trunk (near radio antenna base,if its one wire ground it,two wires connect them)Corvette was through the DIC.GM used a product “Code Alarm” for non-factory but dealer installed alarms/keyless entry systems (VSS-150 and VSS-350)these had a little black push button,with key on hold the button in locks cycle 3 times then hold down a button on remote locks cycle,your programned.you had to look under dash to se where tech put black button,havent seen a Vss-150 or 350 in years.Some GM vehicles needed sliding door reprogramned after dead battery (Lumina APV).

I changed the batteries and reprogramed them as directed in the manual but still do not wok.