2004 pontiac grand prix key relearn

I have a 2004 pontiac grand prix GT1. I lost the keys and had a new key cut at the dealership. The car would not turn over or anything because it needed to be programmed. I did the 30 minute relearn and afterwards it turns over but will not start. It says “theft system not programmed.” Im thinking it programmed the key for the crank start but not the fuel start. Im not sure. What do i do ??

Also when i do try to start it it turns over and says “starting disabled due to theft system”

That only works if you have 2 original keys and are trying to program more keys.

From your owners manual

If all the currently programmed keys are lost or do not operate,
you must see your dealer or a locksmith who can service PASS-Key® III
to have keys made and programmed to the system.

Either take the car back to the dealer, or contact a locksmith.

Locksmiths can sometimes come to you, though I suspect they charge extra for that service.

When I replaced my two Pontiac fobs, they could not be self programmed. A dealer had to program them. Cost a little over $100 for the two. When I bought the fobs, the instructions made clear that for Pontiac, a dealer was required.

The anti-theft system needs to go thru a relearn.


If the vehicle has DRL’s, remove the DRL relay.



Well that’s interesting. Also I noted in my manual that replacing the crank sensor requires reprogramming to the PCM. Guess not a DIY project.

There’s your problem …lol … I expect you already know that. Good advice above, but I expect this will eventually require a trip to a dealership, where you’ll have to provide proof of ownership. It’s complicated like that b/c the manufacturer wants it to be complicated for a thief to steal your car.

I went through those symptoms last year with my Sonoma and the BCM. The Key Relearn paperwork showed 3 different relearn procedures. No.1 would not work nor would No. 3. Number 2 was the only viable procedure with each of the 3 having variations.
Maybe your vehicle needs a separate procedure.

I will dig around for the relearn paperwork I have tomorrow and try to post a slimmed down version if the problem cannot be resolved. I’m off to bed at this time. Been a tough day.

I will hold off on this until it is known if the OP is going to return to this topic. Even condensing it down to single words and clipped phrases will take a bit.

There are three 30 minute relearn procedures with each having their own set of quirks and I have no idea which of the three the OP used. Some used starter bumps/some not, some used 5, 10, or 30 second key off intervals, Sec.light on, on or flashing, etc, etc.

Ok so i ended up just borrowing my friends autel scanner and programmed they key that way it only took 12 minutes and i didnt have to hassle with trying all the different relearn procedures. Thats for the info everybody

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Thanks. @ok4450 is relieved he doesn’t have to type in three pages of instructions then.