Keyless Entry Programming


I just bought a 2002 hyundai sonata and it has a keyless entry remote but it isn’t programmed. I have looked all over the internet AND in the owners manual and cannot find how to do it, someone please help!


You may need a service manual or a visit to the dealer. The remote for my Acura is programmed by turning the car’s ignition on and off in a certain sequence while pushing the buttons on the remote. The only place I found instructions was in the service manual. Dealers love to charge money for this, as if it’s rocket science.


Go to this link below and set yourself up a username and logon password, then you’ll be able to get all the info you need for your car.


Where? I registered and got an account but i don’t know where to go from there.


This is for a GM car; worth a try.

  1. Good key in switch, turn to on (run position) and then off.
  2. Within 15 seconds insert new key and turn to on (run position). Security light will go on and off. Turn key off.
  3. Done!

There is another procedure for if you have no good key but it’s longer. You should go to your dealer for this; I have no way to verify that you own the car.


Oops, sorry; didn’t read keyless entry.


Go to and look up ‘remote keyless entry’. It gives instructions on how to program remotes.