Programming keyless remotes

I recently purchased a 96’ GMC Jimmy. I just bought a keyless remote for it and can’t figure out how to program it. I have gotten as far as popping out the consol on the door on the drivers side (the consol with the lock/unlcok button and the automatic window buttons). The instructions say to “jump” the part under the unlock/lock. I have a wire that I can use to jumop it , but my problem is that I have no idea where to stick the wire ends. Do I need to take out any of the wires that are in place?

Are You Just Replacing A Lost Or Broken Remote Key FOB?

It’s likely instructions are in your owner’s manual for programming a factory type OEM remote. Sometimes you need one working remote to program a second one.

However, if it’s add on or aftermarket, that’s a different story. Won’t the place you bought it from help you? What exactly have you got?

If its a Factory Keyless Remote System you ground pin “k” on the data link connector (start at the top left,this is pin “a” count over till you get to “k” I think it is the last one on the top, locks will cycle, then press on of the buttons on the remote,locks will cycle,do the next remote.

GM liked to use a product from Code Alarm for their Dealer installed keyless entry,do you see a little black push button under the dash somewhere (every installer put it some place different) hold this button in and turn on the key,locks will cycle 3 times,push any button on the remote,do all remotes.

If you have a keyless system from some one else I can’t help.

Tell us is it a factory system.

that is alot of great info about the fob

I agree. Oldschool, along with a number of other regulars on this site provide a lot of very good information to help posters here.