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Product safety

I have been told by many drivers that the Armor-All vinyl cleaner/protector product causes cracling,fadeing, and overall damanage to the dashboard, door panels etc. I also have been showed some dashboards which was really in bad shape due to the use of the armor-all product or so I was told?? Is this produck safe to use on my 2013 Dodge challenger???

Conversely, I recall a co-worker who owned a very early Honda sedan (CVCC?), and he received a bottle of Armor-All in the mail from Honda, with instructions to use it on the dashboard, in order to prevent cracking of the plastic. So…quien sabe?

Personally, I would not use Armor-All on interior parts, due to the excessively shiny, perhaps even greasy, condition that results from using it. Armor-All actually attracts dust & dirt and when you tire of its cheap look and greasy feel, you will find it to be very difficult to remove.

If you want a far superior product to protect the dashboard and other plastic interior & exterior parts, you should look for 303 Aerospace Protectant. This product is used extensively on planes & boats for its ability to protect plastic & fiberglass parts from UV damage without attracting dust/dirt and without imparting an excessively shiny look or greasy feel to those parts.

Because the company that makes 303 was recently acquired by the Gold Eagle company, this product is now widely available, at retailers like Napa auto parts stores. Previously, you had to go to a marine supply store in order to obtain it.

Take a look at:

I defiinetly agree with your description of the product in question. I

I do think that the Armor All is ok for my old junkers but certainly not for my RT. Thanks for the great recommendation!

I always buy a black dashmat for my dash’s. Helps preserve them, and cuts way down on windshield glare.

my $.02

I don’t like Armor All. Our recent cars have had interior finishes that look better matte instead of shiny. More important, Armor All will outgas and cause a film on the inside of the windows, especially in hot weather, which is a pain to clean. We keep our cars for eight to ten years without using any protectants and there’s never been an issue with cracking or other damage.