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Disintegrating dashboard

My dashboard is melting and the dealer said that I ruined it by using armour all, then dash detergent. They want $1,002.00 to replace it. Why is the dash melting?

ARMOR-ALL contains petroleum distillates and dimethyl silicone. Both these chemicals can effect plastic/vinyl materials where they can crack or melt.


I’v used Armor All for years with no ill effects ( except for the time I did the vinyl seats and rubber floormats in an 81 Horizon and my wife’s 80 year old Grandma slid all the way up into the footwell the first time they stopped ). But what is dash detergent ?

I have to agree with the dealer. Many modern dash’s are not just paint. They are often a plastic coating. AMOR-ALL can and will melt the stuff. Your beef should be with AMOR-ALL.

I would not use any of their products, but I have to admit that in part I would not use it because I just don’t like the looks it of the stuff.

Perhaps the OP meant dish detergent. With lemon juice.

I used to use a citrus based cleaner called “Big Orange” for my bike parts. I filled a plastic drinking cup with it to soak my chain once and the stuff started dissolving the plastic cup.

Just an F.Y.I., here in the U.S. dashes with energy absorbing capability have been required for many years. There are no longer any painted metal dashes. Too many busted skulls were occurring.

it was dawn detergent…I spaced out. dash is still melting.

There is no warning-don’t most cleaning agents have some of thse chemicals? I was using Dawn-not dash (dashboard) detergent…same chemicals? wjr

You never use any kind household soap/detergent on vehicle surfaces. Espeacially Dawn dish washing liquid. Dawn is a very aggresive detergent. Remember their catch-phrase? “Dawn gets grease out of your way”. If it can desolve grease in can also desolve oils or the polymers in vinyl.

IMO, you used the two worst products anyone could use on a dash. And now you’re seeing the results.