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Dashboard cleaner/conditioner

When I used Armor all on my dash, when the car got hot vapors clouded my windshield.

Anything that does not do that ?

Have you tried applying graphite to the dashboard?

I’m sorry.
The Devil made me write that.


Don’t try blaming the devil.

It’s the sin nature that we ALL have.

Hate to say it but even an untreated dashboard will fog up the windows with nasty stuff. Sort of a necessary evil.

I used to generously treat my dash with Armor-All and close up the windows and let it bake in the sun. I cleaned the windows afterward but my dash looked great for longer than just a quick wipe. I’ve never found anything that worked that didn’t have some out-gassing.

I have had NO interior fogging since using nothing on it.

For at least a year.

I very rarely open my windows, so dust and pollution ingress is minimal.

And am not a smoker.

I will look for a natural cleaner or homemade one ?

Interior Protectant/Dressing

What You Need:

1 cup mineral oil
A spray bottle or bowl
2 cleaning rags

Put the mineral oil in a spray bottle or bowl. Then, use a clean cloth to wipe a small amount of the dressing into the dashboard and any other plastic, wood or vinyl surfaces. Finish by wiping off the excess with another cleaning rag.

Warning: Do not use on the steering wheel, pedals or any other controls where slipperiness could pose a hazard. Also be careful not to get in on your windows.

There is no way I am going to put that stuff on my dash.

The Auto Geek web site will show what to use and how to use it.

Check your owner’s manual, it should tell you how to clean it. I just use a slightly damp cotton cloth, aka old T-shirt. I do not like the reflection of sun on a glossy dash, neither do I care to inhale extra stuff I do not need.

Do that and please report back on the appearance of the dash (a picture would be nice) as well as the product you decide to use to clean the inside of the glass should a fog/film appear.

BTW, what model of car is this that has no outgassing at all?

2009 Mazda CX-7.

I will report back the results.

I take it you have never made any homemade items.

No need to be afraid to DIY.

I have been doing so for over 20 yrs. and have saved hundreds of dollars.

And many times the results exceed commercial products. :slight_smile:

Have a great day.

Interesting… You post your question…

And then answer it yourself.

That explains your earlier posts. :relaxed:

How do you figure I answered my question ?

I just pointed out that homemade items can (though not always) perform satisfactorily.

When someone said that graphite is not an approved item, it gave me a smile.

Of course a manual will not recommend cheaper alternatives than “Take it to an authorized Mazda dealer.”

What kind of mustang do you have ?

Ever pour motor oil out of a bottle, and not use the whole bottle, but a little bit of oil dribbled down the bottle? Ever then put that oil on a shelf for later, and then come back in about a month?

Didja notice how the part of the bottle where the oil dribbled down is full of dust and grime?

That’s what oil does. It traps dirt. I don’t know why anyone would put pure oil anywhere in their interior.

I mean, you can do it if you want, but don’t fault the rest of us for buying something that works as intended.

However, for the dash, I don’t buy anything either. I wipe it down with a damp cloth. That’s all you ever need to do to a dash unless it’s one of the fancy leather-clad ones you find in cars like Porsche. Then you should use Leatherique, not some homebrew concoction.

However, I want to add the first step that I use when cleaning the dashboard and other hard surfaces of the car:
First, I use a Swiffer Duster (the kind that attaches to a wand-like gadget) to pick up loose dust, pollen, and whatever else might have accumulated. Then, I use a cloth dampened with water.

Under no circumstances would I use any type of oily substance on the interior of the car.

Like a previous reply, I will post the results of the home brew.

Whether it works or not.

And I just applied it.

Boiling point is 260 degrees F plus.

Max temp inside my car is 135 degrees F.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Isn’t that an answer to the question you asked?

The Mustang in my avatar is my car - a 2013 GT 5.0 liter V8 I added the LeMans stripes to a rather plain looking white car - and it outgasses a ton! And the rear window is very slanted. It is a bear to clean

Go for it! It’s your car and you can do to it whatever you wish.

However, for others who may be reading this thread, they should be aware that mineral oil can stain some plastics, and melt (or more accurately, soften and cause to bulge) others, and it can also have an unfortunate effect on some adhesives which may or may not be compromised if it drips from your dash onto something that’s glued together, so it would be strongly advised not to follow Andrew’s advice, at least not without doing it in an inconspicuous test location first.

You may not be aware but mineral oil = baby oil

And it will not melt anything.

You should stop trying to scare folks.

Yeah, I was actually editing my post to clarify that when you replied.

I wasn’t trying to scare anyone. If I really wanted to scare you I’d probably pick a more menacing topic than oily dashboards.

A internet search for ‘mineral oil’ brings up the fact that it is a lubricant laxative - therefore if repair is needed the dash should come out much easier.