Interior Detail Question

What is the best interior cleaner for door panels? I’m looking primarily for a good cleaner not just a detailer.
Thank you for suggestions.

I use that for years and it does a great job

For my car, the owner’s manual recommends a very dilute solution of Woolite detergent. That’s worked well for me so far.

Thank you for the suggestions

For decades I’ve used a rag and a pail with water and Ivory Liquid, followed by a rinse pail with clean water, with great success.
And my hands are nice and soft too! :smile:

Nothing made by Armor All is allowed anywhere near my car. Greasy, overly shiny junk that blinds you from reflected sun the first week, and then gets sticky and glues dust to it from then on out.

I’m a fan of Aerospace 303 for interiors. It works on pretty much any material you’d find in a car interior, and does a good job of protecting them from UV.

You can even use it on leather-covered parts, though I prefer Leatherique for that.

I absolutely agree with is statement. I hate that stuff.


You forgot the part where it hazes the inside windows after the car sits in the hot sun for a while.

I don’t use a protectant, but if I did it would be 303.


The cleaner doesn’t shine but the protectant does.

I’m talking about the cleaner not the protector. Its 2 different products.

Thank you for your information

How can i get my article posted here on the blog??

How can i get my article posted here on the blog??
I have been searching for editor’s contact details.

I had to look for it but I did pick up some of that “303” to try. It doesn’t say “aerospace” anywhere on it though and all they had was the protectant and not the cleaner. But I tried it on the dash board and seems to look nice, if I got the right stuff.

. . . and I don’t know anything about posting articles on any blog. This was about cleaning the inside of cars.

Any suggestions on how to get off sunscreen off interior panels? I have a black interior. The leather seats and plastic door panels where your endows sit has white sunscreen residue. I’ve read a wet towel with a little dish soap will do it, but I still see a light area in those spots.

I also have this issue. I wiped my door panels with soap and water. They do look better, but there is still some residue left. I saw a detailing video on YouTube where the speaker used a soft brush on the door panels. His cleaner was one part soap/cleaning solution to 9 parts water. He sprayed the solution lightly on the door panels and then scrubbed with the brush, then wiped down with microfiber cloth. The doors looked great. I never thought about using a brush. If I try it, I’ll share the outcome. Thanks for posting.