Problems with the website

Running Firefox with ad-block plus and not any pop ups on this site whatsoever. I gave up on IE years ago.

I am under Win 7 usually with Firefox. I get no problems on this site. The only ads I get are static and I don’t even notice them (but I have blinders for internet ads - never look). @mountainbike, as others have suggested I think you might have your machine gunked up. I have to use a Norton anti-virus thing b/c it is the one supported by my workplace and I don’t have any choice. But it is TERRIBLE. If I had a choice I wouldn’t use it. I don’t know how many variations Norton has by mine is specifically called “Synantec” - it’s practically a malicious software itself and does not protect very well. You might have some other Norton to which this does not apply

Go to here, And install the free 2014 version. It’ll get rid of any adware,malware, etc on your computer.

And it’s free!


I got the freezing and having to diagnose the connection problem about every two minutes with IE 10. I uninstalled back to IE 8 and no problems. I’m a novice though so all I can do is click and say yes or no so maybe there were some settings all screwed up or something. At any rate with Chrome and Firefox, who needs the problems?

Chrome and Opera are the best. I don’t have any problems with either and Opera is the leanest browser so I get great security and blazing speed. Explorer has been endless headaches for me. I have to use if for certain government websites and lately it has been a nightmare.

TS Mountainbike, you should try anti malware and AVG antivirus. If one of those don’t fix the problem, you should take your computer to a repair shop. Your hard drive is infected with something.

Free AVG works for me. But I will say I had a bout of IE freezing as TSMB described. I stopped it by disabling Flash player. But the latest combinations of versions I have is working fine.

“One more thing. The site also seems to be selecting random words and creating links out of them.”

This is a definite sign of adware that has been installed on your computer.

@Tester, AVG comes with adware. I recommend Windows Defender. It’s also free and it doesn’t come with ads.

Yep, need to hose it down. I assume you’re fully updated on system/software/etc., right?

Thanks guys.
I tried looking up stuff like the programs running and nothing is in English…it’s all computerese. I have no clue what I’m doing. It’s kind of comical really, because we get so many posts from OPs who have car problems but have no idea how cars work, and here I am in the same boat with my computer problem.

Perhaps I’ll invite one of the profs from the computer technologies program from the college I recently retired from over for a beer. That might be my best course of action. There’s a Computer Engineering PhD there that’s a good friend and a truly kind and brilliant lady. Maybe she’ll even teach me a little bit while she fixes my computer.

@TSM, I was going to suggest you try installing Malwarebytes and Windows Defender until you mentioned your brilliant lady friend…definitely a better option!

Check out the best answer at this yahoo link. It might be worth your time.

Prettier too!

Seriously, I appreciate everyone’s help and input, even just for the moral support. It means a lot to me. I’ll let this thread die so we can get back to helping people with car problems.

You’re a good bunch. This is a good place to hang out.


I am using either Safari, Firefox or Chrome on a 7 year old Mac mini- no ads ,popups or other problems.

MB - If you have Comcast…you get Norton Anti-virus for free.

Using an iPad works for me.

One problem I do have is being signed out when I go back to the main thread page. It seems to happen more with General Discussion, but I get it some with Repair and Maintenance too.

Spybot Search & Destroy has saved me mutiple times when the kids get crap on my computer. One time the daughter went to a song lyrics site and then it was dozens of popups for gambling and porn. You could not stop them or even get online to get fix. Sybot fixed it and it also gets rid of trojans and key loggers. It’s FREE and easy to use.

Spybot seems like it hasn’t kept up. Recent PC review was pretty negative. AVG and Avast are two they recommend of the free packages:

I use Kaspersky anti-virus and run malware bytes…I do a quick scan everyday and a clean computer here…The thing I like with Kaspersky is if you go to an infected website, it blocks you with a red banner and asks you to get out of there. There are so many programs out there so use the one you like.