Forum suggestion

To be blunt, this is an automotive repair help site first and foremost. It’s not a social networking site, or Digg, or Reddit. If you want to have facebook and twitter buttons that no one will ever use, that’s fine, but putting a mouseover command on the “sharethis” button so that we get a popup every time our mouse happens to touch it whether we click or not is going too far. I doubt anyone here will use it, and it will only annoy people.

Please tell the Vanilla guys to stop pretending this is a teenaged networking site and let us get back to the business at hand.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I second that.

You can count me in on that situation, also.

Wow you are right.I’ve done it many times-Kevin

Ignore it you won’t see it after a while. It is probably in the boilerplate to add revenue for vanilla. Sorry to say with firefox and adblocker I do not get the pop ups.

If Vanilla is charging money in order to be saddled with forum software that displays unwanted elements beyond the control of’s admins, then I hereby volunteer to build them a phpBB3 forum for free, with no ads whatsoever on it.

But then I never understood why they’re paying for a forum software when such a good one is completely free anyway.

At any rate, we should not have to raise 50 shields against intrusive crap just to look at a website about car repair. I already have all that stuff on my main home computer, but when I’m browsing the site using someone else’s, it would be rude to futz with their computer just to make websites display as I want them to.

Yes, this is a car forum, but the social aspect applies whether or not you recognize it. Just look at the thread about tornado devastation in Oklahoma as an example.

As I said, if they want to have Facebook/Twitter links, fine. But having obnoxious popups that cover the forum every time the mouse moves over a button is ridiculous. I have no problem with being social on a car forum. I do have problems with spam, and popup windows that darken the rest of the forum and prevent you from reading posts until you close the popup are the web equivalent.

I agree. I fixed my annoying popups but I don’t remember how I did it. I do use MSE and HitmanPro however.

I don’t see the annoying popups, but I’m not sure why. It’s could be the script blocker or ad blocker extensions I’ve installed on my browser.

Most likely. Unfortunately, when I’m not using my computer, I don’t have the option of running such things.

Here’s another beef (minor) - to get rid of the red notifier box I have to go to ‘notifications’, instead of just viewing the thread where my name’s been posted. Any way to fix that, Cartalk?