Site Problems?

Is the site running poorly for anyone else? It’s taking forever for pages to load and I have tried on 4 different computers.

Not having any problems here. It could be your internet provider. Are you on a regular phone line or broadband? The typical phone connection is getting more difficult by the day, since it can’t handle the high volume of info typically transmitted on any website.

I agree with Doc. Since neither of us is having any problems with the site, your ISP is probably to blame.

Another thought occurred to me. If your internet access has suddenly slowed down, this could indicate a virus infection or the presence of spyware or other malware on your computer.

If you don’t have up to date anti-virus protection, I suggest that you go out and buy some today before more problems mount up. For ridding your machine of spyware and other malware, there are free downloads avaiable for Ad-Aware software from Lavasoft. Just “google” Ad-Aware and use one of the sites that comes up. One of those sites is C-Net, if I recall correctly.

no problem in nc

Thanks everyone, I am up to date on computer security and I have four other computers (all dual core or better)and they all perform poorly just on this site and just recently. I must use “refresh” every time a page loads.

I bought a 2 year unlimited support plan so I can get all my equipment looked at as many time as I want (Cyberdefender). I just don’t know what is slowing Car Talk down and nothing else is performing poorly. Thank You all again

I forgot the first thing to do,delete temp.files, browsing history, now she is screaming again.

Placebo effect made me think my others computers were also slow.