Problem with Internet Explorer

Anybody else having problems with the upgraded site and IE8? Any attempt to open Cartalk causes an error page. I had to download Firefox just to post the question.

Ed B.

What kind of error message are you getting? Others have reported problems as well, but I want to be clear about what is happening. Thank you for any information you can provide.

We were unable to return you to

Internet Explorer has stopped trying to restore this website. It appears that the website continues to have a problem.

What you can do:

Go to your home page

Try to return to

A blank page with the above message appears when I attempt to open a discussion.

When I go to the CarTalk website a “Internet Explorer has stopped working” pop-up window appears.

Ed B.

Same malfunction as edb1961 described. My password would not work either. I fixed the problem by downloading Firefox 8.1 and it allowed me to link my password with my email address. I had been using IE8 with WinXP SP3 and Microsoft Security Essentials and firewall. I used IE9 at my cousins house and it worked perfectly. The problem is with IE8.

Home page comes up good.
Click on ‘‘hot discussions’’…error messege, click continue page restored.
Click on ‘‘recent discussions’’…error messege, click continue…page restored.
One in ten times it kicks me off but will ‘‘return to’’.
9:20 am error messege just toggling from one I was reading back to the recent discussions main list !
9:27…error messege again, going from page 3 to 4 then again going from page 4 to 1 to post this update.
10:41 continuing multiple error reports …too many to update each one.

The funny thing is is that I HAVE to use IE to post on here, though it IS IE9