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Problem with power windows in a 2000 Toy. Rav4

Yesterday when I was coming back from the Vet. Office with Lance, it was hot in the car so I put the windows down. Lance likes to stick his head out for some air. After a bit I powered the windows back up. A few seconds later Lance was whining a bit, the tip of his ear was caught in the window. I tried to lower it using the power switch and wouldn’t you know it would not go down. It got his ear out, but now my passenger side window as well as the back windows will not work. How do I fix this?

You have inadvertently “locked out” the passenger window and the rear windows by activating the “lock out” switch. Since it appears that you are unfamiliar with the controls on your car, I suggest that you consult your Owner’s Manual for the location and the identification of this switch. It should be located on the driver’s door, along with the other power window switches, but the Owner’s Manual will give you the specific location.

That fixed it. Your right I wasn’t familiar with that feature. But, I remembered it as soon as I read you post. Thank you.