Power windows problem on a 1996 Toyota Tacoma nnnn

An attachment point, on the front lower frame broke,allowing the window to drop. I had the frame welded and put it all back together. The window went up and fine. The next time I tried to lower the windows, neither side would work. I checked the fuses. They were all good. I changed out the drivers side master control switch, because some of the button contacts were corroded. This did not help. The window lock button is on the off position and the power door locks, which are on the master control switch, work fine. Could it be the relay. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

You can easily find out about the relay. In the relay box there are likely several identical relays. Temporarily swap one out from known working system.

After that I think its just time to go to a voltmeter or test light. You need to see whether power is getting to the switch. Then whether its getting through the switch to the motors.