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Power Window Problem-Help rain is coming!

I have a '97 Jeep Cherokee. The driver’s window controls can work all the windows, passengers are at the mercy of the driver’s whim - passengers cannot roll up or down their windows. One window has gone down and won’t work at all. Is this a window motor problem, and do they all need replacing? Any ideas? THANKS!

There’s a switch on the driver’s window control panel that locks out the controls of the other three windows. Make sure that hasn’t accidentally been activated.

The problem with the single window could be a motor, the switch, or a wiring problem.

I assume you’ve checked the window fuses.

Thanks! I did try the fuses and the control on the window, so I suppose it is a motor, switch or wiring. Those sound tough to figure out…crumb.

Aside from those items you mentioned, take the door panel off and check that the window regulator is working correctly. In some vehicles, the power window motor and regulator are designed as one complete unit.

If the window is stuck down, you can disconnect it, push it up, and hold it in place with tape and a piece of lumber. Actually, I held one up with a shop vac hose extension until the new motor/regulator arrived. You still need tape to hold the window in if it’s not attached to the regulator.

My 91 Camry right front power window stopped working. I thought it was the motor so I took off the door panel and supplied power to the motor. Nothing happened, so I supplied a ground and the window cranked up. I reversed the connection and the window went down. I think the driver’s side window control switch is faulty but it was expensive to replace. I ran a separate ground wire to the right door switch and the window operates from the passenger side.

It’s a bit of a hassle to reach over and open/close the window, but it works. Take the door panel off and look for the connections to the motor. Positive and negative applied one way and the window cranks up; other way it goes down. Then just see which one it’s not getting, power or ground. (Your door switch reverses the polarity.)