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Problem with jeep

jeep grand cherokee 2004 62500 miles.electronic switch cluster on driver’s side stops working.dealership can’t fix it. chrysler wants me to get a 2nd opinion from another dealership!has anybody had similar problem(s)?

Do you mean the master switch on the door for the windows and door locks.

all the switches on the driver door side do not work. even the switches on each door won’t operate the windows.dealership changed switch inside the driver’s door but to no effect.they contacted chrysler and were told to look for a ‘short’. they were unable to find the ‘short’ after two days of looking.

Second Opinion? What Was The First Opinion?

The first opinion was a short, but then a fuse should blow I would think, so I would think it a broken wire or bad connection.

I have seen broken wires on these jeeps in the door jam inside the rubber boot where the harness passes from the body to the door.

i think you have hit the nail on the head. i received the same diagnosis from a jeep ‘specialist’ who says that this is a common problem: the thicker ground wire in the door jam rubber boot breaks thus creating an open circuit. since there is no ‘short’ the fuse(s) are intact.i am surprised that chrysler seem to be unaware of this because they never mentioned it to the dealership when contacted.i will fix it myself as soon as my daughter gets home from college.will let you know.thanks for the help.