2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

The electric side mirrors, all windows and automatic locks on my Jeep have just stopped working. They are all controlled on the driver side door. About 2 months ago the locks would only work occasionally. Now I can’t make any windows go down, adjust the mirrors or auto lock the car. Any ideas?

It could be wiring. It could be switch. Anything closer requires the use of a wiring diagram and a voltmeter. These circuits can be rather complex.

Jeep had a bad problem with the wires that pass into the drivers door. Remove that rubber boot and I bet you will find a broken wire.

As Dartman (Is that Dublin Area Rapid Transit?) said look for broken wire(s) where they connect to the door from the hinge side of the door.

and if you opened the door in the rain, they’re pretty notorious for going crazy on you. I had a fleet of 'em at my last job and all but one ended up in the shop after the doors were opened in heavy rain.