Jeep Grand Cherokee Electrical (Driver's Door)

This 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee has electrical problem in driver’s door. When door is open, controls on driver’s door operate the outside mirrors and all power windows (except right rear window - another problem). When door is closed, none of the controls on the driver’s door work nor do any controls on other doors work AND message on overhead display reads “Drivers door is open” (or something similar).

It guessing an open circuit occurs when the door is closed. Any ideas as to the likely cause other than faulty harness to door? How hard (and costly) would that be to replace?

I’d check the harness between the body and the door. Over time that harness gets flexed to the point where wires begin to break in the harness causing intermittent connections.


Like @Tester just said, if you look at the area at the front of the door between the upper and lower door hinges, you’ll see a flexible rubber boot, and inside are all the wires for the door lock and window switches, lights and switches, and power mirrors. Those wires bend every time you open the door, bend them enough and they start to break.

A good local independent shop should be able to fix those for a couple hundred bucks.

Tester and asemaster - thanks for your advice.