2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Electrical issues

Driver door open switch not working. Interior lights do not come on and radio will not turn off when door opens. Door locks can’t be controlled and front door windows can’t be controlled from driver door

That all stinks. What was your question?

The drivers door control module is part of the driver door switch panel, sounds like it has crashed or failed. Disconnect and reconnect the drivers door switch assembly and see if those systems are restored.

I’m sorry, the website said describe problem in detail. I thought
the question was implied. If not, what’s the likely cause of the
multiple problems?

Check the wire harness that runs inside the door jam for damaged wires due to stress from opening and closing the door. This is a common problem after about 10 years of service. The wires can brake inside the insulation and isn’t really noticeable. You may need to check the continuity using a meter.

You may have fallen victim to the infamous Fiat-Chrysler TIPM.