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2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee interior lights, locks and windows repair

My 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee’s power locks and windows recently stopped working. No switch or button on each of the 4 doors work including locks and windows. This all happened at the same time so I assume it’s faulty wiring or a fuse problem (rather than a motor problem). Also, when the interior lights are set to “AUTO” they all stay on, another reason I think it’s wiring in the door panel. I am not too experienced with car repair, but I feel like this is something I could replace myself instead of paying hundreds for a shop to do it. If someone could provide a detailed explanation of a car’s electric window system and how to fix my issue, that would be highly appreciated.

Check if fuse #12, 50 amp in the fuse box under the hood has blown.


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Fuse 12 is not blown, nor is it 50 amps (10amps), also in the owners manual this fuse controls parking lamps and overhead lamps

I hope it’s not some child safety thing switch…

I suppose you have a button on the driver’s side door that turns on/off all door locks. Unless you find a blown fuse, I would focus on the button. Maybe a good tap with the handle of a screwdriver or removing the switch for inspection.

The windows, locks and door ajar switches are controlled by or connected to the drivers door control module. It sounds like drivers door control module is dead/not responding. The control module is part of the drivers door master window switch assembly. Disconnect and reconnect the drivers master switch and see if the windows start working again, sort of a reboot for the module.

If indeed they are all connected to the drivers control module one might look at the wires between the door jamb and car body for a broken wire. First easier check would be to see if the module is getting voltage.

How do you check if it has voltage?

So it’s just a simple unplug/replug thing or do I need to mess with wiring?

Did you find broken wires?

You will have to tell us the results from reconnecting the module to determine the next step.

You would need a schematic to tell the wire colors, but if you have a voltmeter to determine voltage would be needed. Connected to a good ground one point should provide 12 volts.,If you get the 12 volts ground connection would be next to check

Yeah, you gonna have to mess with the wiring. There really is no “reboot”, all switches are simple on/off switches. Once you remove the switches take a good look at the contacts, as much as you can see them. Anything corroded, gently clean it up with sandpaper or even a nail file will work.

To check the various connections for voltage you need a volt or multimeter and preferably a wiring diagram. However, wire colors do not always correspond with a wiring diagram. If you have no experience identifying negative and positive wires it would be best to get a friend or make friends with someone who has.

Do any of the door or window switches work? Seems your fuse locations do not correspond with the numbers “tester” provided you with. before you do anything, double check ALL fuses and make sure they are OK. Would be embarrassing to find out it’s a 50 cent fuse AFTER you tear the door apart. Ask me how I know…

had the same problem on my 1999-jeep cherokee. was a broken wire in driver side door boot.took boot off and repair wire and it fix.

Could be something is just broken. But sometimes this can be caused b/c whatever controls those functions gets confused about the doors and window current state. It can’t figure out why you want to unlock a door that is already unlocked say. But in truth the door really isn’t unlocked. The Jeep scan tool might be required to reset it so it understands the current state of the doors and windows. Have you tried disconnecting the battery and waiting for an hour or so? Before doing that, watch here to see if somebody cautions against it. On some vehicles doing that can cause other problems.