All power windows do not function in a 95 jeep grand cherokee 4x4 6cyc

Ive replaced fuse underhood and fuse inside door panel. ive read about in the glove box there may be a fuse there for power windows? I removed the glove box panel to find 4 relays. Nothing is marked on these relays or panel. The auto store told me they would not help me b cuz i did not no there function for sure. I read the numbers off these four relays inside the glove box to the clerk and she did not show any such thing on her computor for my vehicle. can a person pop out the main driver door switch and replace that?

Do the windows operate from the other doors? If so the windows have power. If not then you need the common power source relay. If you have problems with just the drivers door it could be the switch or the wiring to the switch.

The single greatest cause for power window failures for me has been the driver’s door master switch. It must functin properly to open and close the windows and to send both power and ground to the individual window switches. It is equivalent to 8 3 way light switches

You want a silver bullet? I’m guessing broken wires at the driver’s door hinge. Or a master switch. None of the other switches will work if the master switch is bad.

The power for the circuit probably goes though a master fuse (40-60A) then through a circuit breaker (20 amps or so) to the switch console that the driver uses to control the windows. There should be two wires, one for power from the battery, one for ground that goes through the door jam area. Maybe one of those wires is broken. Also the master switch (the lock-out switch) might be broken. Either could cause the symptom.