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Problem getting online!

Is it my computer or does anyone else have this problem? Sometimes when I click on the “Featured Discussion” I get “Oops, this connection seems to be broken”.

Of course I am talking about “car Talk”

Elly, I have found a few issues viewing CarTalk that I see with no other web sites, including “slow connectivity”. In fact my “broadband connection” via the phone line (from Qwest) for which I use for my home hosted web site (as Qwest provides static IP’s) will only go as far as showing the home page of CarTalk. My broadband connection with ComCast(via cable) usually connects without issue but not always.You are not imagining connectivity issues with this site, rare but they are an issue.

The site can only handle so many visitors at once. During “peak periods” users can be denied access until the car talk server unloads…

Let me guess, you are are using internet explorer?

I can go too my favorite IT Forum and it is listed how many people currently are viewing (at times 2000+) with my Qwest connection (the slow one)and not have any issues.

Yes, using Internet Explorer What choice do I have? It’s 8:30 now and I have been trying since 6. Just now got in.

Thanks everyone for the info, I never thot of that.

You have many choices other than Internet Explorer. My favorite browser is Firefox (found at It is faster and has better features than IE. Google Chrome is another browser that outperforms IE.

When I’ve had trouble, I go back to my browser home page instead of through favorites/bookmarks or switch browsers. It usually happens just once in a blue moon.
Agree, Firefox the most stable on my comp. followed by Safari. I dumped IE…

How do I aquire Firefox or Google Chrome? or

I downloaded FireFox and it seem to work better, thanks for your help.

Add adblock plus and you will see other peeps complaining about ads.

You don’t need much of a server farm to handle THOUSANDS of users. Especially since MOST of the people are just viewing. Running a Forum does not take up a lot of system resources. Even with a simple $10,000 server and good connection speed it should be able to handle 10-20 thousand visitors concurrently.

I use firefox myself…and I like google Chrome also…but unless the engineers do it right viewing SOME sites can be a nightmare. The sight for our HMO is designed that way. Can’t view certain pages (like scheduling a doctors appointment) with anything but IE.

However this sight was done right. Firefox or Chrome work fine.

And they’re free.