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SLOOOOOW to open

I just now hit the Car Talk book mark and after 85 seconds the site began to open. No other site is ever so sluggish. What gives?

Hello. Main Or the community?


Huh. Is anybody else having this problem?

Just restarted computer and site opened up fine for me.

It’s opening crisply for me using Chrome on an Android mobile.

No such problem here.


No problem here using chrome.

I get that occasionally, but not recently. I figure it’s internet traffic that slows my connection.

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No problem here with my Mac and Firefox.

Thanks, guys.

@Rod_Knox, maybe restarting will help? What browser are you using?

I tried that with no success and the situation is similar on Chrome and Firefox.

running normally over here today (windows 10, chrome)

Have you run a system cleaner (I use ccleaner) and cleared out all cookies? Sounds like some ad script is trying to load. I have no problems.

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Slower than slow loading this morning, disappointingly slow :snail:!

And like Rod’s observation, no other site is that sluggish.

CSA, I used to recall you writing about your dial-up connection. Did you get an upgrade in your southern outpost?

I’m temporarily at the northern tundra location where I’m currently freezing. No more dial-up, no more land-line. I’m using some kind of Verizon cell-phone hot-spot thing that my bride subscribed us to. I don’t clutter what’s left of mind with such matters.

My wife handles that stuff because she’s younger and has better brain function, and nothing but spare time, as a trophy wife :trophy:.

Southern location has high-speed, always-on wireless, through Spectrum.

My current log in was quite quick Miss Carolyn. If you’ve jiggled the connection thanks.

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you’re using your wrong signature :wink:

From my experiences, most cell phone hot spots don’t provide great internet speed

On this visit 55 seconds @cdaquila.