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Cartalk player problems: gray box?

I’m on an iMac at my office, and I love listening to Car Talk while I work.

Generally I use Google Chrome to surf the web and thus listen to Car Talk. This morning though when loading the next section of the show the player hung up around 8 seconds. I tried refreshing the browser, and now I get a gray box that says Car Talk player in it and nothing plays.

Anyone know how to fix it?

I would get rid of Google Chrome. I’ve used Firefox off and on and it’s far more stable than Google Chrome.

Before I retired, we had constant problems with Google Chrome on the computers at work (a college with literally many many hundreds of computers). It drive the IT guys nuts. They removed it from all the computers. That software has a horrible reputation.

I just installed the newest version of Google Chrome on my spare computer and it’s actually worse than I remember it. I just had to know. I also removed Google from my wife’s phone because it’s a memory hog and pops up trying to sell you something at every opportunity. I use Google exclusively as a search engine so I don’t understand why most of their other programs are problematic.

Good morning - I’m not able to play with it while at work, but I’ll pass this on to the other web lackeys to see if they’re able to replicate it. Sorry for the trouble!