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Priorities and prayers

While I realize this is a car forum, there are times in life that demand priority over our normal activities. Please join me in wishing Godspeed and God’s blessings to all those murdered, wounded, and affected by this great tragedy in Las Vegas.

Apologies, everyone.


We do not know how many cars were hurt, Now I sincerely appreciate what you are saying, but not being one who prays, godspeed and prayers are a wonderful thought, may have an effect on the wounded, killed, and traumatized, but waiting for god to kick in and let me be amazed, in the meantime it was an exceptional example of people helping people, religion was probably not a qualification to those that helped others. Christan example? The hypocrisy is mind boggling. Sure let us cut food stampis, stupid takers, let’s cut medicaid, lets cut taxes for the rich and corporations, puerto rico needs to fix it’s problems, too bad you don’t have water here is a trophy from my golf tournament. Oh by the way no more affordable care act, cut medicaid, and add a few more billion to the military, at last we can now have guns to shoot the perpetrators of evil.

Author and evangelist Joel Osteen, senior pastor of Houston’s enormous Lakewood Church, came in for criticism in the early days of Hurricane Harvey aftermath, with many including fellow clergymen demanding to know why the facility wasn’t turned into a shelter for storm refugees.

Barky, this horrific shooting had absolutely nothing to do with politics.
I urge you, please don’t make my wishes for compassion for the murdered, injured, and terrorized into a political debate.
Thank you in advance.


Something political sure. Religious for sure, Practice what the Bible teaches, I am seeing crimes against humanity in the name of religion. Politics had something to do with nevada selling ak 47 without registration.The shooting was a crime against humanity no doubt.
People were helping people, and I doubt it was just the good christians being the only ones, probably atheists agnostics satanists witches muslems buddhists and jews also.

I respect the sentiment to post the thoughts and prayers for those who died and those who survived. However, I am not optimistic we could sustain any sort of discussion about this without getting into the hairy subjects that lead to fighting. I’m going to close this, and I’m sure we are all saddened and sending our sympathy and good will to the victims and their loved ones.