Happy Easter To All

Happy Easter, don’t forget His sacrifice.

+1 for @meaneyedcatz …I just got back from church and every pew was filled. I just wish it was that way every Sunday morning. It was one of the best sermons that I have heard in a long while.

No church for me

I’ll be working on my brother’s car

I’m not actively religious, but wish everyone a safe and happy Easter. I was dismayed this morning to find Lowes open, and a friend working… and not too pleased about it. Nobody should be forced to work on Easter.

Lowe’s & Home Depot were both open, as were the supermarkets–although I think I recall seeing a sign at my local supermarket stating that they were closing early today.

However, Costco was closed, so kudos to the folks from Kirkland, Washington!

Happy Easter to those that believe in Christ’s resurrection and to those that believe the real origins of the of Easter predate Christianity.

+1 to @meaneyedcatz as well.

ok, Easter’s over But I’m presented with a, maybe religious, maybe philosophical situation that is nowhere near automotive yet the varied and experieced opinions of this panel are quite enlightening at times.
Easter was not happy but the prior week was…what an emotional mix.
So youall chime in here.

  • Jesus died for our sins and was resurected or so most of the religions teach.
  • one Bible…ten thousand different churches. opinons and interpretations ; Who’s right , who’s wrong ? the everlasting battle.
  • Reincarnation ? some belive , some don’t.
  • You ask forgiveness and ‘BAM’ all is forgiven…according to some.

Saturday night 4/19 our neighbor committed suicide leaving a wife and four daughters.
Does he go to heaven ? His Catholic religion says no. But the ‘’ all is forgiven’’ says yes.
If reincarnated, how does this action realate to the next life ?

Ruined our Easter for sure.

But on the bright side…
( And here is another vast chasm of difference of opinion …)
I am happy to announce ; My son married his long time boyfriend 4/16 :slight_smile:
For us, this is great news.

This ought to stir things up !

St. Thomas Aquinas had some very good discussions on forgiveness, while I am not a member of his religion, he did have some good ideas and well worth reading. And as many have pointed out here, Jesus did die for our sins so that we can be forgiven.

On a lighter note, some said the pews were filled and it was good to see many people in church Easter Sunday. Recently members of a Catholic, Methodist and Lutheran Church came together to discuss the problem they all had with squirrels getting into the church and parsonage and causing a mess. The Catholics took the position that this was god’s will and to let it work itself out and see what the master plan was. The Methodists took the position that they should control the animals in a humane way and set live traps and took the squirrels to a park and let them go, unfortunately it did not take too ling for them to find their way back. The Lutherans baptized them, made them members and now they only show up on Christmas and Easter.

Well some religions have multiple gods, some have one, I am still in the believe what you want to believe, Houdini did not make it back, but some say unhappy souls hang around. Birds of a feather stick together, unless you are proselytizing it does not matter to me what you believe.

I do not want to get into beliefs and where they came from, weather there is hell or heaven does not matter to me, as I have lived my life in accordance with my concept of what is being good. Now some will throw me under the bus for this or that, but in my heart whether one is christian Jew or Muslim etc. I am ready to be judged.

If it happens or not I care not because I know in my heart I have been (boy scout motto) trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.

If the things I believe in are not your belief I care not.


did your son have to travel out of state to get married?

Concerning your neighbor . . . had he taken a turn for the worse recently?

Laid off from work
diagnosed with major illness
pending divorce
about to lose the house

While this is certainly a tragedy, in some cases there was a straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak

@ken, I’m sorry for the loss of your neighbor. Whether there was a triggering event or not, it’s still horrific. However, congrats on your son’s marriage. Your happiness comes through.

I’m in a bit of a moderating quandary here, because the thread began as a holiday greeting, and evolved into something else. On one hand you’re sharing this news as a longtime member of the community, but on the other, it pretty plainly strays from the Community Guidelines’ request that discussions remain on topic. I’m going to (respectfully) close the discussion.