OOOPs my bad, yours?

So I walked up to the local gas station get some soda pop or cheetos, don’t recall, some guy getting gas had the boom boom rattle the windows and car parts while he was filling up with gas. He came in to pay, and I said not everybody loves your music as much as you do. He was pissed, grabbing his crotch shouting obscenities and I just stood there with my elbow on the counter waiting for him to make a move, so I could deck him. After a bunch of bitching he left, I looked at the clerk he was I had my hand on the emergency button. I suppose it was a bad idea to say anything, your thoughts or experiences?

Yes it was a very bad idea. People have been shot for less plus you put the underpaid clerk in a bad position.


I hear what you are saying, but why do we have to give the bad guys the run of the world and be passive sheep. Back to gas stations to keep it car related.

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Hey, you gotta listen to his noise, he should hafta listen to yours!


Let he who has never done anything like that throw the first stone, I can’t.

I had a fellow trucker who found out I was a Christian come up to me and say " If I hit you on the cheek, you are supposed to give me the other one to me to hit."

I told him he was gambling a lot on how good I as at being a Christian and that scripture was mercifully silent about what happens if he hits the other.

I am far from perfect, only forgiven.


We called it you are absolved in our family.

You should have rammed your knee into his gonads. Then once he was on the floor you should have repeatedly stomped them. That would have taught him a lesson.

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Wrestle with a pig, you’re going to get muddy.

You did put the clerk in a bad spot.


I love your sentiment, but that is not me, I am a pcaifist until attacked. Now back to gas station experiences in an attempt to keep it car related.

The clerk was the owner and he was like you have not seen nothing. He was fine with what went down. Really cool guy, accidentally charged me $2500 instead of 25, he fixed it up right away. Gas station car related please.

Lutherans make up our own rules so never think ya’all would get a chance at the other cheek. My dad claims he laid the dentist out once when he was a little too rough on the cheek. Claims it was just a reflex. The only thing I’ll caution is that it may not be over yet. Those are the kinds of people that will go get their friends, follow you home, burn your car or house, or take shots through the windows as they drive by. Mumbling something like being disrespected. Is that a word? I don’t think so.

Yeah but what do you mean? SO there I was a truck had plenty of room to pull into the drive, but blocked the sidewalk entirely. I called the cops after many instances, and whacko neighbor told them it was me. SoI am walking up the street, and the couple comes at me, do you know who we are, I am you got a ticket for blocking the sidewalk, if you don’t like the ordinance call your alderman. They were like you better have everything in order because we will be calling you in for any violation. I was like fine. They followed me up the sidewalk threatining this and that, and a police officer was driving by, I said these people have been following me for 2 blocks and I feel personally threatened. He was like Iwill talk to the community officer that wrote the ticket and let him know. 1 year later, out on the street talking with neighbors, are you the one that called us in for blocking the sidewalk. Yes I said. She apologized and wanted to know who was calling police for her dog barking. Not me I said, hear the neighbors dog, it is a good judge of character and was barking incessantly. 1/2 hour later she must have called community service, but the dog wasquiet so no issue. She wanted to be friends now and I am nice to know you, one less enemy in the world

With the younger generation raised on Grand Theft Auto I don’t talk to strangers of that age group.

Last week I found two hand guns in vehicles, the second hand gun was in my way while performing an airbag recall so I gave it to the shop foreman to hold until the customer returned for his vehicle. Many people keep hand guns in their vehicles, they are very careless, they leave the vehicle with others with little concern. There are shootings here every week, some of these people will open fire at the drop of a hat, don’t talk to strangers.


Probably a bad idea to have said anything as that could have escalated very easily into a fist fight; or worse…
I carry but even being armed it’s best to keep things settled if any way possible.

I did come real close to laying some guy out once when he started threatening the 90 pound Korean girl who was a clerk at a convenience store I stopped at all the time. He was insisting she cut the price of a pack of cigarettes in half and was getting very belligerent with her.
There was a Miller beer display so I grabbed a long neck, stepped up about 3 feet behind him, and waited for the guy to lay a finger on her.

She grabbed the phone to call the cops and he started backing off. She did thank me and asked me if I was really going to flatten him. Yep,you bet. That clown was never aware I was behind him. Spaced out on meth was my guess and probably had outstanding warrants.


People are getting so wound up right now, you really never know what will set somebody off, I’ve witnessed customers paying for other’s groceries when a wallet gets left at home or a card doesn’t work and then within the same hour there’s almost a rumble in the dairy section because one customer has a beef with Yami Yogurt and another just wants some comfort food on the anniversary of her mother’s death.

I worked for a auto parts store located in one of the “safe” parts of Rainier Avenue in Renton back in the mid-late 90’s which starts where SR 167 ends and goes all the way into Seattle passing through some colorful neighborhoods to put it kindly. One day i was on a ladder changing some light bulbs when the manager was screaming for me to come to the parts counter and take over the phone. Turned out that somehow we had hit a hidden holdup alarm which resulted in a call to the police. They never did show us where this supposed button was we had a police substation right behind our store in the little strip mall so it was a quick response and easy to show them that it was a false alarm.

I agree with those who said that taunting a stranger–with unknown emotions and possibly concealed weapons–is not a good idea. I am also greatly annoyed by window-shaking “music”, but I take comfort in the reality that these fools will be deaf–by their own hands–at an early age.


I’ve done it several times over the years. In line getting Ice Cream with family. This dweeb drove up in a convertible with the radio blasting…I said…“Punk…You deaf? Turn it down or leave.” He left. And everyone applauded. 99.9999% of these dweebs are scared little punks. I have no problem confronting them.

Worse I ever saw but couldn’t do anything about it was…Driving down the highway I heard this loud thumping getting louder and louder. Finally realized it was the bass speakers in this full size SUV that was passing me. I heard it from almost a 1/4 mile away. As he passed me I saw he had two young kids in car seats in the back. That is a child abuse. He was going so fast I couldn’t read the license plate. Must have been doing well over 100.

The only thing about your OP that is car-related is that it happened in a location where cars get refueled. Opinions on whether or not you should say something to obnoxious idiots are not generally going to change based on what kind of store you’re standing in when it happens.

I would have kept my mouth shut regardless of my estimation of my ability to win a fight with him. Those people are often thumping their stereos and revving their engines specifically because they want to be the obnoxious focus of attention. Telling them it irritates you goes into their win column.


car related:

Several years ago I pulled up to a red light, and noticed the car next to me had the same stereo brand that I did (Sony.) He was booming his music pretty good, and I wasn’t a fan of his music choices.
Just for giggles, I grabbed the remote for my radio, and sure enough, it worked on his stereo too! I didn’t stick around to ask, but I hope he enjoyed me restarting his song and then turning the volume down.
:rofl: :rofl:


We rented a hotel room at the beach a few years ago. My BIL lives nearby, and they came for a visit. He’s tall, and noticed something on the top shelf of a kitchen cabinet. It was a pistol in a holster. I called the desk, and they retrieved the pistol. I asked at the end of the week if they found the owner, and it turned out to be a cop on vacation that left his service pistol. It’s hard to believe someone with a dangerous weapon could be so absent minded about it.