'God, Guns and Freedom' (Oh, and a new Ford!)

A Ford dealer’s popular 4th of July promotion in Alabama is creating a “booming” business.

America, what a country! Happy Fourth!


I always get a kick out of these types of promotions. Here is one from several years back. https://www.foxnews.com/story/missouri-car-dealer-offers-free-ak-47-with-new-truck

I understand is was common and is still common at banks in certain areas to give away a free shotgun with the opening of certain accounts and loans.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if one of those customers brought some shells with him, and decided to use that shotgun to make a large, immediate “withdrawal”?

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I won’t mentioned the names of the towns (if you want to call them that) but many years ago while working for a small city Subaru dealer he ran a promotion.

The promotion was to "Buy a new Subaru and get an all expenses paid trip to Gxxxs, OK or Mxxxxxxx, OK.

The former is a non-descript town of about 250 people in SW OK and the latter (my favorite) is about 30 miles from me. Two residents, one house, and an old dilapidated grain elevator; all located on a back road to nowhere.

Might be a culture shock for those who weren’t familiar with those places. :slight_smile:

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Is the shotgun made in America?

Hard to understand why the Missouri dealer promotion included an AK-47. Hopefully it was a Century Arms or PSA AK-47 made in the USA.

I don’t know if PSA was a big deal back then but they sure do make some good guns for not a ton of money. Their AK-47 pattern rifle is held in high regards.

Century Arms may be considered “USA Made” but they are really more compliant with the whole 922r code. This is a BS code meant to get people on a technicality if they modify a gun. You can have an imported rifle and leave it stock. If you replace the stock, gas tube, bolt, or any listing of parts, you must replace a certain other number of parts to be compliant and considered USA made after modification.

This seems like a dumb law and I understand it is rarely enforced. I bet people break it all the time and law enforcement sees it all the time and doesn’t even know what they are looking at. I was told it was created to arrest criminals if they can’t pin anything else on them. So they have an AK-47 with a vertical foregrip or whatever and they know they are bad news but can’t get them on anything. They are now felons.

As for the AK-47 truck promotion at the place several years back… I seem to recall them giving out a voucher/gift card that would pay for an AK-47 of some type in full at a local gun shop. They had to go pass the background check and all to get the gun. There was nothing saying you couldn’t get a better or different gun and pay more money to the gun shop.

Quite a few gun makers have setup shop here in Missouri in recent years. They should make sure to support a local maker if they do this again.

That is funny about the towns no one would want to win a trip to. That sounds basically like the wide spot in the road that is on the map where I live. I personally want it to stay that way.

How about giving away a trip to the Dominican Republic right now with a car purchase? I hear trips there are going for cheap. Just don’t drink anything from the hotel mini-bar!

My parents bought a vacation package on the 1 year anniversary of Sept. 11. They had nice lodging and a cruise. They said it was so cheap it that it cost less to be on this vacation than to have stayed home.

It’s hard for me to stay quiet but I’m just not going to comment at the risk of offending someone. I just hope its not the King James Version.

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“How much money will you knock off of the truck if I don’t want the stupid gun?”


" With a laugh, Palmer was quick to mention that the dealership wasn’t just ‘handing out shotguns in Alabama.’ "
“You’re also given a certificate that can be taken to a certified firearms dealer in town or to one in Mississippi that has partnered with the dealership.”

I wonder if Bond Arms (hand made in Texas), is one of the suppliers? I kinda like their palm-size derringer double barrel .410 shotgun. :cowboy_hat_face:

What, not to Bug Tussle or Kenton? :grin:

Just a testament to how stupid the buying public can be.


Dang! That;'s gotta kick like a caffeinated mule!

I’d guess about $3-400. A Mossberg pump action 12 ga is about $400 retail. I’d guess the dealer made an arrangement with a local gun store.

Local dealer near me “gives away” 60 inch flat-screen TV’s and cruises with lease or purchase of Kias. Yeah, let’s finance a car, a TV and a vacation for 7 years… THAT make good financial sense! :roll_eyes:


Or, possibly how anxious some folks are to support American business people who are proud of their country.

I support :us: American :us: based (and local) businesses as much as I can, sometimes paying a little extra. I don’t consider that to be stupid and I certainly have to question one calling people, strangers, stupid without knowing what motivates them.
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No Marnet, no Bugtussle. It’s underwater at Lake Eufaula and Kenton (been through there many times on the way to CO) is a blink and miss it place.

As far as the dealer shotgun/Bible/flag and all of that, the buyers are paying for it all. They’re just being made to think they’re getting a freebie. Not.

A dealer here in OK the past few days has been vigorously advertising 17 grand off of MSRP on any new truck. It amazes me to think that people buy into this hokem.

I’d forgotten that Bugtussle has been underwater for many years. I visited good friends in Felt about thirty years ago when the husband had his first pulpit pastoring both the church in Felt and the church in Kenton. Saw the local sights of each “metropolis.” The general store in Kenton was still open then but I’ve read that both it and the church there are now closed. The only stop light in the entire county was in Guymon, the county seat, where two state highways intersect.

The drive from Santa Fe NM through the OK panhandle has a certain wild beauty to it but certainly is empty country. I knew I was getting close to childhood home territory when I began smelling, then seeing working oil wells. Crude oil has a smell all its own.

Yes, I’m familiar with Felt (more than Kenton I guess…) and the store is closed in Kenton although it’s still standing. Boise City actually has a stop light, travel center, and small Ford dealer now.
Ironically, some OK politicians back in the late 70s were seriously considering moving the state capital to Boise City. Talking about a hideout away from the press…

Of course Boise City has it’s own historical claim to fame.

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Thank you for proving my point.

@ok4450 My error, it was Boise City that was the county seat with one stoplight at the time although I did drive through Guymon on my way to Tulsa, stopping to grab lunch at a Sonic in Enid. I was pushing hard to beat the first good snowstorm of autumn. It caught up with me about an hour west of Tulsa but by then I was in lower elevation so it was just rain that caught me.

My friend worked part time for the Sheriff’s office as a jailer at the county courthouse jail in Boise City to supplement his starvation rural pastor’s pay. I saw a historical marker in a park there , that had a children’s playground of dinosaurs for kids to climb on, about the WWII bombing!

I learned there about being careful of livestock on the road because it is open range country. Makes driving narrow, crowned two-lane roads with no shoulders all that much more exciting. :grin:

Hadn’t known about the proposal to move the state capitol to Boise City. But hey, the capitol was stolen and moved from Guthrie to OKC early on so why not again. :rofl:

When I was a kid, there was a news story about somebody running a contest whose first prize was “a trip to Paris”. It turned out to be Paris, Texas.

It’s a vacation… to die for…

That is also my theory. In Cancun, Mexico, a number of Americans died a couple of years ago from adulterated booze, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised in that proves to be the cause of the DR deaths.

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