Pre-ignition catalytic converter


Has anyone ever heard of this? It is supposed to double mileage but it sounds too good to be true.


Nope and like always, if it sounds too good to be true, it likely is.


Is this device from the Perpetual Motion Corporation?
Or possibly the mysterous Rochester Caburater area 51 Division? Please advise.


Too good to be true about sums it up.
Converts any liquid to a totally clean burning fuel.
After shave lotion? Breathe the exhaust right out of the pipe?
Where’s the eyes rolling smileys when you need them.


Same. These things come from the same type of people who brought the Nigerian bank transfer deals.


If people insist on attempting to scam the public, you’d think they’d use a little more imagination eh?


If there were a device, ANY device, that could double mileage it would be factory-installed on every car on the planet.

It’s a scam, nothing more.


Yeah, that’s what I figured. Thanks for the feedback. No, it’s not from area 51, but it is from some guy who also advertizes the Hummingird motor. That has quite a bit of negative feedback on the web.


I’ve seen a lot of loopy gimmicks, but that Hummingbird motor site and all of the garbage on there falls into the downright insane category.

That has to be the goofiest, most fraudulent thing I’ve seen in my lifetime and I barely even brushed the text.
Got to love that guy. Been arrested a dozen times and never went to jail for fraud; ergo, he’s innocent.
Gone “on tour” to raise money and the state attorney generals did not have him arrested; again, that proves he’s innocent.

The Feds, state, FTC, Big Business, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, etc are all out to “get” both him and us.
Holding 120 Woodstock type gatherings with 16000 people at each meeting as “witnesses” to these miracles; a number of “witnesses” so large the media (part of the plot) cannot ignore.