Corolla window stuck down


Power window on our 94 corolla is stuck down. The motor sounds fine, it just won’t roll up after going down. [Also, this happened after someone slammed the door pretty hard - don’t know if that caused it or just coincidence.]

Is this easy to fix if we can get the door panel off? Did it just slip off a track or something? Or should we take it to a mechanic on Monday.


[b]If you can get the inner door panel off, you’ll probably figure out why the window won’t roll up.

Maybe you’ll get lucky and find that some of the hardware that secures the window regulator have loosened up and all they need is to be retightened. Or you may find that the regulator is broken and requires replacement.



did the glass fall further down than the other side (the normal amount?)

can you get a finger on the top of the glass and pinch it to lift it up?

i have had luck sliding a strip of duct tape down sticky side towards the glass, to get it stuck on the glass to pull it up. you may have to use a piece of oaktag to get the tape down far enough to get it to the glass.

if you can pull up the glass without resistance, the regulator either fell apart, or broke. if the glass wont budge, and the motor still works, the regulator may have broken a wire or plastic guide. it is unlikely that the window “jumped the track” usually the “track” is an integral part of the regulator, and once it goes, you just replace the whole thing. (either with, or without the motor)

if i get a broken regulator or motor, i replace both, since i dont like having to go back in later and do it again.


the last time i did this on my van, a regulator was 120 or so. a regulator with motor was 190. so it was worth it (for me ) to get the whole thing new and be done with it.