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Electronic window motor in '99 Olds Alero

I bought this car used in January, it’s in good shape but both windows don’t work. The passenger side was broken when we bought it, it slides down into the door because appartly there is nothing to hold it up. We have it taped up & I am trying to get on in the junk yard to replace it. Now the drivers side worked perfectly fine until several months ago and now that one is also not working. You can hear the motor but it doesn’t budge the window in any direction. Someone told me that this car is notorious for this problem and to try not to replace the parts yourself, have a mechanic do it because it can be tricky. I guess the cables frequently get pinched and you need special tools to remove & replace the parts? My expertise is Nursing, NOT mechanics, so I am at a loss. Does anyone have any words of advice? I feel like I am in a 90 degree sauna when I am driving the car, which is hard the middle of July with no AC. Now if I could only figure out how to loose a few pounds in the process then it might be worth it!.. Thanks!

I would hire out the window repair. They can be difficult to adjust/repair. Now, about that AC, it may have a slow leak that a can of ( refrigerant R134a) could take care of, for a while.