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Power window stuck down -- 96 saturn sl2

Hi Everyone -
Have a passenger front window stuck in the down position. Managed to get the door panel off and trying to just push/pull the window up manually is not working. It seems to be really stuck. The window hadn’t really been working very well for a while now, but I couldn’t resist trying to open it since it was hot. So it came down with no problem, but now I can’t get it to close again. When i push the button, we can hear a little click somewhere near the motor of the window – but nothing’s moving. The gear that feeds into the window motor will not budge when we trying to manually rotate it. And there are 2 crossed bars running in horizontal tracks that appear to be what pushes the window up and down. Pushing up on those doesn’t do anything. The thing is I don’t necessarily care if the window works again, I just want to close it.

Any suggestions for a quick fix?


I think you have a bad window motor. If you don’t car if it works again or not you should be able to disconnect the motor from the mechanism (called the window regulator) and push the window up and tie the mechanism in place somehow.

The bad news is, if I remember correctly, you’re going to have to take off the OUTSIDE if the door to do this.

The regulator will prevent you from pulling the window up manually. It was designed to keep the window in any position you put it in without letting the window slip. BUT, if you try to pull the window up as someone else presses the button to try and get the motor to pull it up, that may work. The motor coupler is probably stripped, but giving the motor some ‘help’ sometimes works. If it does, un-plug the electrical connector to the motor so someone will not accidentally lower it again.