Power windows/door locks stopped working

so i’ve searched and searched the intertubes, trying to find out if there is a fuse or relay or even circuit breaker that needs replacing.
from all i’ve checked, i can’t find a fuse, relay or circuit breaker labeled to control window and door locks.
all 4 windows don’t work (with exception to front passenger window occasionally goes down but not up.)
finally figured i should have come to this fine forum first! (especially after hearing ‘car talk’ today)
some other pages with similar questions had answers referring to fuse #12 or relay F (mine aren’t identified that way)
any fine soul out there that could offer any assistance or advice?
i’m heading out to get a test light – just so i can see if i can test anything…
thanks much!

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Model-Year ?


Open the fuse boxes inside the truck and under the hood. The door for the fuse box should have a fuse diagram that defines what each fuse does. Did you check this yet? It isn’t clear from your post.

You say that one of the windows works at least somewhat so that would seem to indicate the power to the windows should be ok since power is usually shared by the windows from a common source through a circuit breaker.that may be in the panel under the hood along with the fuse for the door locks which I would suspect should be in the same panel. The window trouble might be due to broken wires in the door jam or dirty switch contacts. I would try to fix the door lock problem first then move to the window problem. You would be wise to check Ebay for a copy of the factory service manual for the wiring of your vehiicle. Using that and your new probe light will help you immensly in solving these issues.

sorry, it’s a 1998 Pathfinder.
None of the fuses or relays are labeled for anything close to ‘window or locks’.
this vehicle is really immaculate with only 50K miles…
i’ll look for a copy of factory service manual for the wiring -
it’s going in for a tune-up next week, so maybe the mechanic can figure it out.
i was just hoping it could be a simple fix i could take care of!
thanks for the feedback!
it’s strange that rear windows don’t work either - which lead me to think it might be a touchy circuit breaker… but i’m not clear on where the circuit breaker is!
thanks again.

Fuse #10 and fuse #24 both go to the door locks. There is also a C/B, check those fuses first.

The circuit breaker for the windows might be in the fuse panel under the hood. Even so, I doubt the problem is being caused by it. Broken wires in the driver side door jam is a common issue on cars this age along with dirty switch contacts.

thanks - i think i’ll have to see if the mechanic can figure it out.
the wires in the door jamb look mint, along with the switches looking mint.
plus, all four doors are non-functioning?
this thing only had one nice old lady owner who only averaged 3500K/year for 14 years, and it is cleaner than a whistle - i’ve only had it 4 months.
since there is no fuse #14 or #24, i’ll go through every fuse no matter what it’s labeled for - wish i could find a circuit breaker labeled ‘windows’! or a relay?!
i appreciate everyone time!
at least my mechanic will be glad i couldn’t fix it myself!

I’m looking at the Factory Service Manual. Here is what to check:
7.5 A fuse in the junction box under the dash (just inside the driver’s door)
Also a 40A fusible link. I think this is in the relay box under the hood on the passenger’s side.
There is also a circuit breaker above the fuse box inside on the driver’s side.
A problem with any of these could cause the problem.
There are a couple grounds you need to check as well.

When I had a similar problem with my '97, it was the driver’s side switch. Here’s the weird part. All the rest of the window switches work through this switch, so if it’s toast, none of the others will work.

Out of curiosity, can you control the power windows from the other switches? For example, if you try to roll the passenger window up and down from the passenger door switch, will it work? The problem may just be with the switch on the driver’s side door, especially if the fuses check out.

thanks jonny and cole. i’ll check these fuses and look again for the circuit breaker…
it might just be something with the drivers door switch - and also affecting all other doors.
none of the switches work any of the windows (twice though the front pass. window managed to jerk down on two occasions, and not back up)

All Better!!
it was the driver door switch after all!
i’d been apprehensive of pulling the armrest off… i always think i’ll break it and/or it won’t go back in place…
anyway - the wire connection was unplugged!
bing-bang-boom all systems fully functional again!
i couldn’t have done it without all this helpful guidance…
much thanks to all y’all!
(whew… seems so simple now!)

Glad you found the problem. Power for all the windows passes through the circuit breaker and then to the main conrtol panel for the driver, which passes it on to the other window switches. I assume you have a lock out switch for the other windows so the main panel has to be able to disable the other windows. The main panel also has to be able to control the operation of other windows so all control for the windows starts from the main panel.

of course!
that makes perfect sense.
thanks again.

If anyone else is having this issue (as I have for 2 years) I FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT TODAY!
If all windows aren’t working and door locks are only working on passenger side or not working at all from interior, that is a pretty good indication that the driver side switch is bad or there is an issue with the wiring of the driver side switch. So upon taking apart I realized that my door lock wires were touching the window wires this shorting the whole switch out. Simply untwisted them from their awkward position and separated them and electrical taped them. BOOM PROBLEM SOLVED :exploding_head:
Hope this helps some…