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3 out 4 door locks and windows not working

I have a 2000 pontiac bonneville with 112K miles on it.
My drivers door window and lock is working. Other 3 will not work at master switch nor the secondary switches.
I have tried out another master switch and had the same issue occur. I have tested the fuses with a jump wire and it’s not the fuses. I checked the door jam and found a cracked black and a cracked orange wire. I opened them and the wires are intact. With the ignition off I hear clicking at the motor with the driver switch, but nothing from the other 3. I am really stumped on where the problem could be.
Wiring diagram for the the windows are dark blue and brown wires. I have only 1 of each leading from the body control module through the door jam. It seems that the problem must be where all 4 meet and not sure where else to look. Any ideas?

Some cars have a switch that lets the driver cut power to all the door locks and windows except the driver’s. It may be on the driver’s door.

There is a connector that shows a lock and and a unlocked lock on it in the drivers door.could this be the switch your talking about? If so how do I bypass it? Could I just cut the wires on each side and wire them together if this is the problem.

The first thing I was going to say was a new master switch in drivers door… Where did you get the “other switch” was it from a yard or used? This could be an endemic issue with this model and perhaps the other switch is just as faulty as the original?


I tracked one down at a salvage yard. Brand new the switch is $130 and I wanted to make sure it was the switch before putting that kind of money into something that might not be the problem.

If you suspect the LOCK switch for the windows is faulty just use a jumper wire across the contacts in order to bypass it. You could also just check the voltage across the contacts. A good working switch will have zero volts across the contacts when the contacts are closed. This is the same as checking the voltage across a short piece of wire, there is no resistance to have a voltage drop occur.

Along with making sure power is getting to the other doors make sure the ground return side is good also. It seems you either have a lock switch issue or there is a common ground connection issue.

WELL wait a minute, I have now looked at some data for your vehicle and it seems you have one of the most complicated window and door lock circuits I have ever seen. Each door has its’ own control module. There is a common splice connection for the data buss called S302. It is common for the windows and locks. The wire color is tan/wht. You might make sure you have continuity to all the modules on that wire.