Window & Door Locks don't work

I have a 02 Buick Lesabre. The door locks and windows won’t roll up or down anymore. I have checked and replaced the 30 amp fuse for power windows and also checked and replaced the window door switch for the drivers side and still nothing works.
What else could it be?

More than likely, you will find that there is a break in the bundle of wires that runs from the left front fender into the driver’s door. Look for a ribbed, black rubber tube near the hinges of the driver’s door. Very carefully open up the rubber that encloses the wires, and I think you will find breaks in the wiring.

You may have to slit the rubber with a razor blade, and the trick is to not cause any more damage when you are slicing open the rubber conduit.

I agree. I will add this…sometimes the problem can be a faulty door switch on the passenger side for the power windows. GM products are sometimes wired this way.

I once had a power mirror problem with my 1992 Century. I found five broken wires in the door bundle. I spliced in repair wires to give them extra slack.

Yea I kind of figured that it may be the wires. I’m taking it to the service station this weekend to have them check them. I just hope that it’s a simple fix.

It turned out to be the driver door module. I was able to go to a junk yard and replace it for less than $10.00 bucks. Everything works great now!! Thank you for all of your comments / suggestions.