Power Window


I have a 1998 Pontiac Firebird. This morning I put the driver’s side window down and now I can not get it up. I have removed the door panel. Any suggestions on how I can get the window up? I plan on taking it to the shop to get it fixed but in the mean time I would atleast like to get the window up. Thanks.


do you hear the electric motor whirring?

if the motor hums, then the regulator is broken.

if the motor is quiet then the motor is broken.

if the motor hums, then you could (with a little luck and patience) work a piece of dust tape onto the glass to pull it up to get your fingers on it, to pull it back up, then tape it up for the night.

however; if the motor doesn’t hum, then you’ll have to dissasemble the door panel…MPITA

if this car has a window frame you may hav eto resort to the plastic bag over the window to keep the rain out. BUT that is only if you live in a crime free area.


oops… duct tape


You have to detach the window from the window regulator. There should be two screws at the bottom center of the window. They are on either side of the regulator bar. You may need to detach the motor to move the window, but try pushing it up from below first.

Now that you have the door panel off, just pull down the plastic water barrier, put your hands in, and have at it. Don’t worry about the water barrier. The adhesive is sticky; just put the barrier back when you are done.