Stuck window

I have a 2000 Nissan Pathfinder, and a little bit ago, my back left window got stuck. It’s stuck in the down position, and the window controls give no response. At one point, I was at a garage and asked them to put the window up for me along with other work they were doing. I told them I didn’t care if it ever worked again, I just cared if it would stay up. They put it up, but about a month later it drifted back down. I called them, but they said that any fix like that is not permanent and they wouldn’t touch it again unless I paid them.

Anyway, last week my friend and I took the door panel off, but we can’t get the window up. It’s stuck very firmly, and we can’t force it up without fear of breaking the window. There must be some way to raise the window, since the mechanics did. Is there some release or tick to raising the window that I don’t know about? Again, I don;t care if the power window ever works again; I just want the window up.

You May Be Able To Unbolt The Window From The Regulator , Manually Lift The Glass And With A Just-Right-Size Wood Block Wedged Below, Prop The Window Closed.


Hee, hee, I have seen exactly that done on old farm pickups. Hey, it works.

You might try the same thing we would try since the panel is already off. With key on hold the window up switch up while tapping the window motor with a screwdriver handle. Don’t use a hammer and beat the daylights out of it, just tap. Might work, might not. And also make sure window switch on that door is plugged in, probably wouldn’t work if it wasn’t.