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Caravan window won't stay up

We just purchased a 1997 Dodge Caravan for super cheap. We were told about this problem prior to buying but would like to fix it.

The passenger window does not stay up (it is electric), so it is currently taped up with duct tape & packaging tape. Apparently, the window will go down but once down…you cannot get it back up again.

I’m assuming this is not a motor issue. Any ideas?

These type of problems are not complex, but you must remove the door panel to find out exactly what is wrong.

Can you hear the window motot run when you push the switch?

It sounds like the window glass has become disconnected from the regulator and the glass is just falling down rather than being powered down.

I think the regulator is broken. It is easier yet not expensive to buy an aftermarket regulator/motor combo and replace it yourself. I doubt that the regulator is disconnected from the glass. They are mated by bolts and they won’t break. If the glass debonded from the bracket the regulator attaches to, you will need a new window. As oldschool said, you must remove the inner door panel, peel the plastic barrier down, and inspect the regulator.