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Power window working in reverse fashion on 2001 Chrysler T&C Van

I have a 2001 Chrysler T&C Van that its passenger door’s window goes up with the switch going down, and down with switch in up position.

I also have power sliding doors, but can’t get the driver’s side sliding door to open, but will slightly crack up only. Would like to do away with the worthless power door feature for all of the doors too.


It appears that somehow either the power to the motor wiring was reversed or the switch was installed in the reverse direction. If the driver’s switch works in reverse also then swap the wires going to the motor.

I would look at the wiring thinking you have some connections shorting each other out. The most logical place would be at the point they go through the jamb.

Has any work recently been done on the car? Does it have the automatic down or up window feature? Does the driver’s side switch work right? Window switches aren’t always hard-wired to the window motor these days. Your switch may just signal a computer to control the window. It may be the Body Controller Module needs reset. You might try disconnecting the negative battery cable for a half hour, then reattaching it to see if it helps. The owners manual may also have a reset procedure for the window as well.

Bear in mind that you may have to reset your clock, may lose station presets on your radio, and the car may run weird until the computer relearns the engine’s ‘personality’ and your driving style.

If the door panel has been opened lately I would suspicion that the harness was disconnected and the reconnected incorrectly.