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2002 Town & Country Power Window won't come up

Drivers side power window went down in door wont come up . No sounds when swich is pushed. Got switch unit out, how do I test switch or motor. Got screws out of armrest and door lock, can’t get door panel off. Help !

Since you have the window switch out, and before tearing the door panel off, unplug the window switch from the plug for the drivers door. Turn the ignition on, and either with a test light or meter locate the hot wire to the switch. Now take a jumper wire and connect between the hot wire of the switch and the two terminals that raise and lower the window. If the window functions, replace the switch.


The switch is one big unit that controls both front windows and the rear wing windows and it has 3 hot wires going to it. They all light up my test light but I can get no action between them and any of the other terminals using a jumper wire /The other end of the jumper tests live and the rt. door and wing windows worked before removing the switch. Thanks for trying to help Tester